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Our Focus is Renewable Energy for Transportation and Electricity

We are focused on Renewable Energy from the MECREGEN.  A mechanical renewable energy system that is used in renewable transportation and renewable electricity.

Our Innovations

Renewable Energy


The MECREGEN Renewable Engine replaces the combustion engine all vehicles and equipment.

MECREGEN Generator

The MECREGEN Renewable Generator provides renewable electricity of all outputs, from 10kW to 20+ MW.

MECREGEN Residential Generator

The MECREGEN Renewable Residential Generator is the MECREGEN Renewable Generator sized and sold to homeowners. 20kW to 50kW


The MECREGEN Trucks are vehicles from Class 6 – Medium Truck to Classes 8 – Heavy Trucks.

Renewable Electricity Provider

Renewable Electricity Provider uses the MECREGEN Renewable Generator to provide electricity to clients on site.

Truck Shipping

BlackEnergy Truck is a trucking company the uses the MECREGEN Engine.

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