Renewable Electricity & Renewable Transportation

Investments that will change the World

It is sad to say, it takes money to change the world.  The world is looking to replace standard forms of energy sources with clean, renewable sources.  But true innovation takes time and money.  The world must take a chance, think outside the box, stop looking at standard energy sources. 

It is hard for the right investor and the innovator to meet.  The investor is looking for more than an idea, a return on their investment.  The innovator must have more than an idea, a business for the investor to invest in. 

We have that idea and businesses for the investor.  We are looking at the long-term investor.  The investor will use the energy transition to dominate markets.  Each company focuses on a market. We can take over each market by offering lower prices and be zero emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change.

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Our Investment

Business Investment Focused

Sekou Industries LLC

Sekou Industries LLC is a manufacturing company. 

  • MECREGEN Engine
  • MECREGEN Generator
  • MECREGEN Aircraft Engine

Sekou Motion LLC

Sekou Motion LLC is a manufacturer of transportation equipment that uses the MECREGEN Engine.

  • Trenton Trucks
  • BlackEnergy Bus

Sekou Energy LLC

SekouEnergy LLC is a renewable electricity provider using the MECREGEN Generator.  Investing is this company is to become an electricity provider for the commercial and government markets.


BlackEnergy Trucking LLC

BlackEnergy Trucking is the only trucking company that uses the semi-truck version of the Trenton Truck. 

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